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Our Flagship Product For 2009 was the up to 8 Sound System For Your Layout

We have been working on this for over a year. Itís all very well having sound on your layout but it can get a bit annoying to say the least if say every time the loco enters the tunnel the whistle/horn sounds ,plus it would be nice to add say some ambient sounds in the background now and again but most importantly if you could change these sounds when you wanted with out costing a small fortune. PRICES START FROM £30.00 If this is the case then the up to 8 is what you may be looking for .

Why call it the up to 8! Simply because you can electronically record up to 8 different sounds on the master chip.(each sound clip must be no more than 6 seconds long. If you require longer sound clips to be recorded you will lose some of the seperate recording channels. Click on the programmer for more details).

If you donít want to put your own sounds on to the master i.c we will add the first set for you. For further understanding about this please click on the statement below to be taken to the individual page 

If you want simplicity then the hand held will suit you fine! Click here for more details

Looking for something to add to the baseboard then the basic baseboard may be the answer. Click here for more details

If youíre a button pusher and love remote controls then the baseboard with remote is the answer. Click here for more details

Have a large baseboard or exhibition layout then the deluxe with remote speakers adds that missing realism. Click here for more details

And the final version of this is for the person who, so to speak, wants it all, the deluxe Version with remote location speakers and remote control.Click here for more details

Most importantly the custom programmer that allows you to reprogram the master i.c (its not rocket science and no programming skills are required) (click here for full details and price plus prototype picture)

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